Sunday, December 12, 2010

de Grummond Collection

The de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection is one of North America’s leading research centers in the field of Children’s literature. It is located in the McCain library and Archives on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. Its main focus is on American and British Children’s literature. It was founded in 1966 by Dr. Lena Y. de Grummond. Lena envisioned resources that went beyond the classroom textbook. She wanted to help students better appreciate and understand literature and to achieve this would be to study the creative processes of authors and illustrators by examining the manuscripts and illustrations first hand. The collection holds the original manuscripts and illustrations of more than 1,200 authors and illustrators, as well as 120,000+ published books dating from 1530 to the present. The resources of the de Grummond Collection are used by scholars, not only in the field of children’s literature, but also in a variety of disciplines.

Elizabeth Nesbitt Room

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